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10 Nov 2014 

New AL Film trends 2014

We found love film streaming to be glitchy” & had a lot of break down errors but were good for series selection and there dvd rentals where reallt useful. Netflix and LOVEFiLM for back catalogue (both are very reasonable and not to be sniffed at - and in particular, Netflix has a decent amount of TV content - plus you can use a Netflix subscription anywhere in the world) and then use iTunes or Blinkbox for renting the latest movies. I think your expectations of a streaming movie service is a little harsh - no recent” movies are going to appear instantly on Netflix or even Now TV. Studios will make their money through the rental system such as iTunes, Blinkbox and Now TV Pay & Go (although given there's no HD and limited device support right now, why anybody want that is beyond me).
Al Film
Certainly isn't the only choice— Watch It is similar, but only has an iPhone app, Watchily allows you to search for any movie across services, and the Roku has a built-in universal search option alternately, if you're wondering what's coming to the queue in future weeks, Streaming Soon is great to see what's on tap for the on Netflix Instant. Coven aired last year on FX as American Horror Story Season 3. You can currently get it on DVD from Netflix if you have a disc subscription, but there's no word yet on when it will be available for instant streaming. I don't use Amazon Prime, but it seems like the two services together gets you almost anything you want!

Rectify Season 1 is on Netflix and streaming - it looks like season2 is still airing on the Sundance Channel (no information on either discs or streaming). Not yet - there's no availability date for either DVD or streaming. When will Glee season 4 be avaliable for instant streaming.

Sometimes not - those are things I can't keep track of. When I add something to the streaming availability it is with the understanding that Netflix streaming is a constantly evolving thing. Adding insult to injury, Blockbuster began running ads on TV during the 2010 holiday season boasting about how they had new releases for rent as soon as they were available for purchase. We had a 3 movie per month service plan and there were something like 11,000 movies in the Netflix catalogue.

DVD only for now - I'll keep an eye out for streaming. Streaming Prime Instant Videos requires an Amazon Prime Subscription (sold separately). It's also worth noting that Amazon gets the leg up on Netflix by having HD streaming available for TNG and Farscape.

The bonus of being able to purchase or rent more recent releases (as they come out for Blu-ray and DVD) adds an all-new element that creates a more complete package - much like that offered by You can also download your purchased content to a mobile device for offline viewing. The Amazon tie-in also means that content especially commissioned in the US for its version of Amazon Prime Instant Video will also be exclusively available in the UK too. Both Netflix and Hulu Plus have you start off in the web browser.

With their instant watch streaming service and their large library, they are a must have for cable cutters.
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